Dreams Do Come True

From my earliest memories, books have held a special place in my heart. My bedtime routine as a child involved not just being read to, but eagerly taking over the storytelling myself, even before I could fully understand the words. Growing up, I found a lot of joy in the shelves of our local library and the cozy corners of our local bookstore. I loved the warmth of those spaces, along with the kindness of the staff who always went out of their way to help, left an lasting mark on me. It was there, surrounded by books, that the seed was planted – the dream of one day owning my own bookstore.

Life took its twists and turns as I entered adulthood, with full-time work and the beautiful chaos of raising two children. But amid the whirlwind, the longing to immerse myself in the world of books never faded. When my children finally started school, I carved out time to reignite my passion for reading through blogging. Little did I know, this digital journey would open doors to an expansive literary universe I had yet to explore. Discovering new authors, delving into uncharted genres, and connecting with fellow book enthusiasts and indie authors became the highlights of my days.

For more than ten years, I dedicated myself to Genuine Jenn, my blogging sanctuary, all while holding onto the dream of one day having my own bookstore. Yet, life had its own plans, leading me down unexpected paths. Leaving a toxic relationship was the best decision for both my children and me. It ultimately led me to discover my soulmate and my best friend, someone who truly understands and supports me. Together, we're building a relationship founded on mutual respect, love, and shared dreams.

Eventually I decided to embarked on a different venture, opening a local chip wagon, a family business where we could instill values of hard work and entrepreneurship in our children. After four seasons of running the chip wagon, I realized that food services and seasonal work wasn't my true calling, especially with our children soon heading off to university. Since last fall, I've been on the hunt for the ideal spot for my bookstore, but haven't landed one yet. However, I'm currently in discussions with a leasing manager and am optimistic about some positive news in the near future.

In the meantime, I've laid the groundwork for my bookstore's online presence, launching my online store and reviving my passion for blogging under a new name – Paperback Adventures. Here, I aim to not only share my own literary escapades but also to champion talented authors, forge connections with PR professionals, and collaborate with publishers to celebrate the written word.

As I eagerly await the next chapter of this journey, I'm filled with anticipation and There's a plethora of ideas for the future bookstore. Each step brings me closer to turning a childhood dream into reality, and I couldn't be more thrilled to embark on this adventure, one page at a time.

~ Jennifer 


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