Welcome to Paperback Adventures!

Hello Book Lovers! 

It's Jennifer, I am back, well sort of. I owned Genuine Jenn for over 10 years. I am sure many people wondered what happened to me and the blog. I feel terrible that I just literally stopped blogging without a trace, never to be heard from again. I have been so busy over the last four or five years that blogging and honestly reading was pushed to the back burner. I won't get into all the dirty details but I have tried over the years to blog again and found every time I tried I just couldn't do it. Recently I decided this is the year I am going to get back to reading and reviewing and working with authors. I really loved promoting amazing authors and their novels with my readers but my anxiety just wouldn't let me get back into it. I just couldn't figure out why. Yesterday it hit me. My life got really messy in 2010-2016 and I realized as much as I loved my blog I needed to make a fresh new start. So Genuine Jenn is officially done and I am now starting a fresh new blog for my new chapter in my life.  

Without further ado I want to welcome you to Paperback Adventures. I am so excited to start writing again and sharing my love of books and bookish things. 

What will you find on Paperback Adventures? 

  • Book Reviews
  • New Releases
  • Author Events - In person and online! 
  • What's happening around the shop (Did you know I am opening an Independent bookshop??) 
  • and so much more!! 
Grab yourself a cup of your favourite tea, coffee or whatever you enjoy and come on an adventure with me. 




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