Aoh by Jennifer Renson ~ Book Review

Aoh by Jennifer Renson is captivating novel of a young Egyptian girl named Aoh who had to flee from her home in Egypt when it was attacked and set on fire. We go along with Aoh as she is found by the Queen of Babylon who takes her home and treats her as a daughter. As Aoh grows up the Queen has her train shooting arrows and Aoh has an amazing shoot. She is then trained as protector for the Queens daughter.  

I had been in a reading slump and this book got me out of it. A bit out of my typical genre but I was sucked into Egypt and Aoh's life. This story has me from the beginning as Aoh had to make a run for her life, leaving behind her family in Egypt. Her personality, her hardships and maybe a lil romance? This was an amazing historical fiction. I was left with a little bit of regret for finishing this book so quickly. I really need more Aoh! The backdrop set between Babylon and Egypt, made for a different but beautiful setting. The relationships that Aoh builds along her journey as she grows into a beautiful young women are that of loyalty.  

I give Aoh 5 stars. I really enjoyed this novel and authors writing style. I would definitely read more from this author. 

Aoh by Jennifer Renson 

From the opulent palaces of Babylon to the manipulative courts of ancient Egypt, Aoh's journey of survival and love unveils a world of luxury, danger, and shifting loyalties.

Upon fleeing her homeland of Egypt after her village is attacked, Aoh finds herself living in an immaculate Babylonian palace under the care of the queen. For a young peasant girl, it’s a life of luxury beyond her imagination.

But unforeseen circumstances cause Aoh to return to Egypt, where she finds herself living in another palace disguised as a servant. She must face many dangers if she is to protect herself and the woman who holds the pharaoh’s heart.

Will Aoh survive and find love in a place where deception and loyalties rule?

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