The Missing Diamond by Lynn Morrison and Anne Radcliffe ~ Book Review

The Crown Jewels Regency Mysteries, Book #1

Years ago, I exclusively read Regency novels by one indie author, unable to get into other writers' works. This past year, I've been devouring Historical Fiction and Regency novels. I enjoyed The Missing Diamond, a mystery novel that I think fans of Bridgerton would love. The story features well-crafted characters and a focused narrative with just a couple of main protagonists. Lady Grace and Lord Percy are tasked with finding Lady Charity, who went missing during a social event. While the novel doesn't have any explicit romance scenes, the developing relationship between Lord Percy and Lady Grace is evident as they navigate their reluctance to be pushed into a courtship. I’m definitely looking forward to book #2 in this series and exploring more works by these authors.


In Regency London's glittering ballrooms, a well-made match can mean the difference between power and ruin.

London, 1813: With his reputation and inheritance on the line, Lord Percy is determined to win the heart of the coveted diamond of the season. When that beautiful woman vanishes, his failure seems all but certain.

Unless, that is, he can find her.

Lady Grace is devastated when her best friend disappears. Society may be willing to believe the worst, but Grace knows her friend would never run off without leaving her a clue.

Someone kidnapped her - but who?

With the clock ticking, Lord Percy and Lady Grace find their best hope lies in working together. But strong wills, brash decisions, and pesky sparks aren't the only things standing in their way.

Can they trust each other in a society where people will do anything to rise to the top?

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